Our Story

Spit Story

Spit Clothing has gone through many changes over the past few years. But the idea first came to be at a hookah bar in Anaheim. After that the very first Spit shirt had a spray painted logo and I would like to say the very first "cut and sew" on a brown shirt. A few more shirts were created with spray paint, and I also played around with bleach and heat press are work. Thats whenSpit turned into Eilsel to have more of a "personal" touch. This new name change didnt last very long, as I felt that it could be a conflict of interest.

As Eilsel returned back to Spit came the first screen printed shirt. This was a very big hit and led to two new styles of shirts made. At this same time life happened and coused me to get a real full-time job. During this time the talk of Spit coming back was very active with a friend who was very business savvy, and made Spit go from I to we. Spit was very close to being called Lamson Clothing, my last name. But I just was feeling how that art looked on shirts, so Spit stayed. During this time I was laid off from my job and had nothing to do. Until a friend told me, "well now you can focus 100% on your clothing company!" And so it was after many years Spit returned with its first shirt in three years,  LAs Best. After a lot of business help from my friend, we had to part ways. 

And that brings us to where Spit is now. Spit Clothing is owned and operated by me in the corner of my room. Everything from the design and merchandise, the website, to answering your emails. Everything about this brand is about me, and all the people and experiences in my life. 

Spit Clothing Company seeks to provide a unified creative response to a new generation who infuse their lives with passion and excitement. Today, the youth grow up in an age where their creativity holds no limits, from graffiti artists, garage bands, skaters, surfers the possibilities are endless. Spit pushes the limits of expression, unifying the realms of art, music, and beyond. Spit infuses love and enthusiasm to create a clothing line that reflects the style in us all.

-Scott Lamson Owner